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Leaking Bathtubs and Shower Trays? We Will Fix It

Problem wet locations in your house are a common incident and in many cases, they tend to be high usage locations such as the kitchen area sink and the bathroom.

Total Bath Sealing Solutions In Lampton - Finest Bath Sealers In Greater London (Hounslow) London Call 0333 335 0384

Whereas the kitchen area tends to be more workable and the issues fairly solvable, the shower room can be way trickier to handle when it starts presenting issues. This could be the time you need to call in a professional in your Lampton Greater London (Hounslow) London area.

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Given that the shower room tends to be an extremely damp location due to a fair quantity of water being splashed around while showering, it can start to reveal some signs of wear and tear in vulnerable places. These are normally in the seams where a shower tray or bath tub adjoins the wall tiles.

Absence of appropriate sealing on the edges of bathrooms and shower trays can prove to be a huge obstacle as they can be the weak point where the water and mould eventually deteriorate and begin leaking water through and gradually damaging plasterboards.

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A typical sign of this scenario includes a wet smell in the shower room. Often, it can show up on the lower levels first. A stain mark will show up on the ceiling boards as a result of taking in water from the shower room leaks above. Apart from such a stain being an eyesore, there is an imminent threat if there are electric wires close to the boards.

Such a leak would have to be dealt with rapidly by determining the actual dripping location and remedying at the earliest opportunity to avoid any risk from intensifying.

These sort of issues normal in shower room locations for two primary factors. One is normally inappropriate setup and insufficient sealing of the edges of tubs and shower trays. The other might be as a result of aging.

Some plumbing technicians might cannot choose the best possible place for installing a shower tray or bath tub which can cause dripping issues later. For example, a shower head put in a location close to the window might lead to the shower sprays falling on the window sill and stagnating there.

This can present a future issue merely because if the grouting or sealer utilised there is not waterproof and is thought to be ‘porous’, water will seep in and make its way to the underlying plaster and wood.

Throughout building and repair, it’s best to make sure that your builder or service technician utilises high-quality waterproof grout and silicone in your shower room as water tends to reach unexpected locations in the shower room during a shower.

Lampton Shower SealingTotal Bath Sealing Solutions In Lampton - Finest Bath Sealers In Greater London (Hounslow) London Call 0333 335 0384

When it pertains to tubs, a common and frequent issue for many tubs appears to be caulking or sealing which cracks repeatedly. Some house owners are shocked. The silicon fractures or tends to pull away from the wall after a number of months.
Bead size has a lot to do with it. That the width of the opening in between the bath tub and the wall is uneven means there will be sections that are broader while others are narrower, making it tough to find the best size bead to use.

If you use a bigger bead, then you wind up having an overflow in the narrower section without the silicon finding its way into the gap. When you opt for a smaller bead, your silicon winds up being inefficient in the larger spaces because it disappears into the area without filling it.

Many house owners have actually shared that while choosing on DIY, they are careful to prep the location to counter any moisture by completely scouring and cleaning up with alcohol and letting it dry out for a number of days prior to the caulking. Regardless of this many people are doing a good job of it, but they still lament that it stops working much earlier than they would have desired.

One technique is to make sure that you fill the bath tub with water prior to caulking. This ensures that the tub is at its optimum weight and extended to leave an ideal gap. Once you do, the silicon has a better chance of remaining in its place for longer, assuming you have actually done the prep work well.

Shower Tray Problems

In many cases when handling a leaking shower tray, we have actually had to remove the tiles around the boundary of the tray. Additional examination normally reveals damp plywood that is heavily water damaged particularly if it is not WPB marine plywood.
In one instance, we discovered that the boundary of the shower tray still had the plastic wrapping that it came in. It is such things that make it apparent that the initial installer was what we refer to as a cowboy builder, indicating they did a poor fitting.

Sadly for the property owner, something that should have merely been a fairly uncomplicated repair task, turns out to be a project, and you wouldn’t desire another cowboy builder bungling the repair.

Contracting a highly regarded, meticulous and proficient service technician is vital in restoring a now complicated matter without costing you an arm and a leg.

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To date, we’ve dealt with lots of uncomplicated cases where performing extensive cleaning and applying a tube of silicon around the dripping edges has actually solved the issues.
However in some instances, we found the issue to have actually gone deeper, particularly when the setup was not installed correctly and second-rate products were utilised.

Why Seek The Help of Professionals?
As skilled specialists in shower room repair and remodelling, we have actually worked on a lot of cases and observed the damage that is caused by a leaking bath tub or shower tray. Normally, it’s really pricey if not apprehended on time.

Although one can attempt and do a patch fix on it prior to the service technician arrives, it is suggested that you enlist the assistance of an expert.

Every scenario is so variale, however after cautious assessment of the issue, our specialists will have the ability to offer you with a practical option that will fix your leaky tub or tray for a very long time to come.

It can become fairly tough to detail ways to fix a leaking bath tub or shower tray step by step because the circumstances are so different.

Nevertheless, exactly what you can be guaranteed of when you call us in is that we will take a look at the issue, give you an accurate medical diagnosis, then, based upon that, offer a service(s) that will rid you of the leaky issue for the longest time.

With our crew on your side, you can say goodbye to all your bath leak issues. We cover your area of Lampton TW3 4. Call us today to make your appointment on 0333 335 0384

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